Claire and Jeremy met in North Jersey in the summer of 1995. Jeremy ran the local skateboard shop where everyone hung out. Claire was fresh out of high school and really interested in getting to know him. Jeremy was driven and motivated to form his own path in life and that excited Claire very much. Jeremy was taking photo classes at a county college and inspired Claire to do the same. Two years later they moved to Boston together to attend a photo trade school called NESOP. This is where the magic began.  
Their creative connection to each other and technical ability, established a vision that developed into a shooting style that defined their early career. They were the innovators in the approach that allowed  the agency creative teams to capture the imagery they wanted while satisfying a client ask.  This  unique format was quickly adopted by others but Claire and Jeremy were the pioneers and perfected their craft over the next several years. 
At the heart of their relationship, Claire and Jeremy Weiss are story tellers. They bring ideas to life, visually.  The importance of having both a female and male point of view on a shoot is immesurable, and they have mastered it. They have been shooting together professionally for the past 15 yrs. and have had an amazing career working with generous and creative partners.  They have been fortunate enough to collaborate on epic campaigns including; HSBC, Levi’s, Microsoft, Pepsi, Samsung, Converse, Nike, Intel, Apple, Adidas, American Express and others.  After 17 years of living in Los Angeles, they returned to their East Coast roots in 2017 but still have a place in Los Angeles since they seem to be there alot. Claire and Jeremy shoot in the most authentic, honest way they know how and have so much fun doing it.  
Below are some photos of them and their crew , a team of hardworking experts at the top of their game who know how to get the job done but also know how to have a great time. Who else has "ninja day" or "hippie day" on set and everyone participates?!

Maplewood,NJ and Los Angeles,CA.

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