Check out this moon shot over sprawling Los Angeles I found recently while looking for something different for a treatment. We had a shoot at the top of Runyon Canyon capturing someone at sunset. What I remember most about the day was all the Gators (those ATVs with the cages on top) that we got to fly up and down the trail with all day. 

Older gentleman with cane bodysurfing in Rhode Island. 2020.

July at CampXIX.

July at CampXIX.

July was in full swing at the camp. We had family and close friends all come and stay and it was finally time to relax a bit.

The walk to our dock.

The outdoor shower.


Liam and Claire sanding the bed we just built for ourselves.

We've all gotten pretty obsessed with surfing behind the boat.

Eli took a board to the face.

Ice cream sales on the lake.

Our beautiful niece Penelope.


I'm a really great diver.

Our dear old friends Yoav and Kristy came for a week. Was so great to catch up and talk photography and future babies.

And build fires.

And eat.

And I got a new hat.

The kids spend all day in the water.

And the dog watches, wishing he wasn't too scared to jump in.

Camp XIX part one.

The beginnings of a summer camp/home.

Camp XIX part one.

This is my Dad. In late April when it was becoming apparent that the kids wouldnt be having be having summer camps we decided to do something with a piece of property we bought cheap years ago on Raccoon Island on Lake Hopatcong in Northwest New Jersey. Its about an acre that neighbors my Dad's modest little summer home. We bought it years ago just so no one else would but never did anything with it other than rip around on it with ATVs. Now was the perfect time. We found a company in Coloardo that makes custom year round tents and got the biggest one they offer. It's 16'x20' with a cover for 8' of deck on the front. We just had to build the platform. That's where my Dad comes in. He guided us every step of the way as we learned how to use all different kinds of saws and nail guns. Here are some photos from the very beginning from the first weekend in May. We now have a fully functioning tent cabin with minimal electricity, and outdoor shower and out house, water from the lake filtered 4 times, a smaller platform for our guests to pitch their tents on. We built 2 rooms in the cabin, a kitchen, 2 sets of bunk beds and a storage bed for Claire and I. And we built it all ourselves with mostly rough cut lumber to keep the cost down. It took about 2 months of us going out there a couple days a week and its pretty magnificent if I do say so. Here's some photos from the very beginning...

Our future view.

All the land was getting used for was winter boat parking.

Claire and my Dad.

Big helper.